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The Internet is a noisy place.

To stand out your website needs to be:

Findable – If your potential customers can’t find you they can’t buy what you’re selling. The most beautiful website in the world is  small comfort if no one knows it’s there.

Likable– You have one chance to make a first impression. Visitors will decide in under 5 seconds whether they like your website. If they don’t, they will leave and not come back.

Usable – Your site may be easy to find and visually attractive but if it’s hard to navigate, visitors will quickly get frustrated and abandon your site before taking any action.

Web Design

Web Design

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. That’s why your website must be visually appealing. If it’s not, your visitors won’t stick around long enough to take any action.

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Web Design

Content Creation

Google will continue to change its algorithms, but relevant, highly focused content will always rank well. We’ll make sure your content gives your visitors and Google what they are looking for.

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Web Design

Keyword Strategy

What words would someone type into Google’s search field to find a business in their neighborhood that does what you do? Here’s a hint: It may not be what you think.

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Web Design

Link Building

A successful site needs to have a strategic linking plan. That includes links between pages, links to external resources and links pointing to your site from other sites. We’ll help you figure it out.

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Web Design

Competitive Analysis

Who is your competition and how well are they ranking for the keywords you want to rank for? We’ll do the research and come up with a plan to help you first equal then surpass them.

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Web Design


Data is useless unless you know what it means. We will analyze the data and convert it into useful information that ensures your site’s performance  is consistent with your goals.

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Kind Words From Happy Clients

Read what they have to say

We really enjoyed working with Marvin on our new website. He is very professional, timely, and responsive. Marvin kept the project moving along …”

Heather Deschenes

Principal, Lead Architect, HND Architects

It is an absolute pleasure to work with Mr. Kane. He understood immediately, what I was looking for, and despite my inability to express my vision to him in words …

Stuart Goldman

CPA, MST, Stuart Goldman Tax Services

We had Kaneworks design our website. We’re electricians – not web designers. Marvin was very helpful from start to finish. He just needed the basic idea …

John Stavaridis

Owmer and Master Electrician, Jolt Electric

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