Dog Coach

Content Development/Search Engine Optimization

The Challenge

After training dogs for years, Jonathan and Sarah Prescott, the owners of Dog Coach LLC, decided to go all in to take their business to the next level. The journey started with a complete website redesign done by our supremely talented colleagues at Raven Creative. The next step was to make sure the newly designed site could be found in Google searches. We were happy to take on the challenge.

Local SEO Campaign

We started with a list of keyword phrases that Dog Coach wanted to rank for and compared the list with their competition. We then created content around their preferred keywords. After confirming that Google had indexed the new pages we did some searching. The results are below.

Uncontrolled barking search results - Dog Coach

We suggested creating separate pages explaining how Dog Coach deals with common canine issues. This panel shows Dog Coach in the top spot in the local pack for the keyword phrase uncontrolled barking near me*

* The search was conducted from a location in Salem, MA.

Housebreaking search results - Dog Coach

Housebreaking your dog is another common problem that Dog Coach addressed in a separate page on their website. This panel shows Dog Coach again occupying the top spot on page one of Google’s search results page for the keyword phrase housebreaking your dog north shore ma.

Remote collar training search results - Dog Coach

Dog Coach uses remote collar training – a training method not all dog owners understand. That’s why it was important to create content explaining the benefits of this training while reducing the anxiety around it. This panel shows Dog Coach in the top spot in the local pack for the keyword phrase remote collar training north shore ma.

User Engagement

Achieving page one placement in Google searches is good. After all, people can’t do business with you if they can’t find you. But page one placement alone wasn’t contributing anything to Dog Coach’s bottom line. The real goal is conversion – turning visitors into customers.

User engagement graphic

Sarah and Jonathan wanted to increase the time users were spending on their website. So, we added a user input form asking qualifying questions to help determine if the dog owner would be a good fit for Dog Coach’s training methods. We titled the page Connect with Dog Coach. The numbers above tell the story. We tracked usage for this page from September 2, 2018 through November 2, 2018 and compared it with data from the previous sixty day period. The green bar shows a slight increase in pageviews of just over 4%. The blue bar shows a significant drop in bounce rate – almost 41% – but it’s the red bar that led to smiles and high fives. There is an increase of almost 30% in the time people are spending on the page. That means more people are filling out the form, more leads are being generated and more customers are signing on. Yes!

Thank You for the Kind Words

We had our website up and running for Dog Coach LLC and it looked great. But we needed to get people to see it. We knew virtually nothing about SEO except that we needed to improve it. Given the results we are seeing we are really glad we brought Kaneworks onto our team for SEO analysis and maintenance. From the start Marvin carefully explained search engine optimization and made it understandable and manageable. He showed us all the steps to organize and improve our content to increase website traffic on our site. Marvin uses the latest industry strategies to respond to Google and other search engines when they change how they ‘crawl’ the internet to deliver search result rankings. This is a key part of his comprehensive approach to achieving higher internet rankings; it’s not just about the look of our website but how our site interacts with the ever-changing internet world. We love how Kaneworks has our back on SEO! Marvin has made the process of updating our code and content a comfortable and cooperative team effort. The assistance he provides is measurable and trackable with reporting that he regularly reviews with us. We see his work as essential to drive new business to our dog training website and we know we would not have page one search results without Kaneworks’ insight and guidance. If you aren’t getting much website traffic we recommend Kaneworks for improving your website to drive business growth.

Sarah Prescott

Owner, Dog Coach LLC