Part Two in a Four Part Series: Common Objections to Social Media

Many companies have failed to adopt social media out of fear. They are afraid of what customers and employees will say about them. Not only are these companies missing an opportunity, they are ignoring a much bigger problem. Denying your employees the chance to speak freely about your company is a sure sign that there is something wrong with the culture of the workplace. If you’re a CEO, a boss, a supervisor or the person in your company empowered to make decisions about social media and fear is why you’re saying no, then put social media on hold and fix the bigger problem. Ask your employees the tough questions. Listen to the answers. Take appropriate action. Social media can be the best tool you have for identifying problems and fixing them. Imagine how your company would be different if you looked forward to reading what your employees were saying about it. Sound good?

Your Customers Are Talking. Are You Listening?

You can’t function in a vacuum. Everyone knows that. Yet there are many companies that are still trying to do just that. Another missed opportunity. The question is so fundamental that it seems ludicrous to ask it. But here goes. How do you know what your customers think of your product or service if you never ask them? See where I’m going? Social media channels like Facebook and Twitter are where your customers are. It’s where they are talking about you and your product. But if you’re not hanging out where your customers are, that is to say if you’re not using the same social media tools they are, you’ll never hear them. And if your product or service changes to meet the requirements of your customers, it will be a coincidence and not the result of a planned strategy. Can you afford that?

A Negative Comment is Better Than no Comment At All

You know the old Hollywood adage – negative publicity is better than no publicity. It’s true. You have nothing to fear from the customer who posts a critical or negative comment about you. Why? Because now you know what you have to fix. And once you fix it you have turned a critic into a fan – and perhaps into an advocate. Does that make sense?

Dont’ Be Afraid

Here is a quick summary:

  • If you’re not adopting social media because you’re afraid of what customers/employees might say about you, you have a bigger problem.
  • If you’re not listening to your customers through their tweets or facebook postings, how do you know how you are doing?
  • See negative comments as a positive. A customer who takes the time to post a negative comment can be turned into your best customer

Are you with me? Are you using social media or have you been reluctant to adopt it?

Stay tuned to this channel for part three in the series: Common Objections to Social Media. Next week we’ll see why companies who claim to be just fine without it really aren’t fine at all.

Photo credit: Brian Lane Winfield

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