WordCamp Boston

I just wrapped up a great weekend of WordPress related stuff at the Boston WordCamp 2011 held at Boston University’s Sherman Hall. Man there are a lot of really smart people out there and I’m grateful for their willingness to share their knowledge. For me the sense of community has always been the differentiator between WordPress and the myriad other content management systems out there. Oh I know that there are other CMS communities but I’m talking about COMMUNITY as in the willingness to share, to help, to NOT judge and to make you feel welcome. The T-shirt and the great lunch (sponsored by .tv) were certainly an added bonus.

Who Are all These Smart People?

Okay, I get that you may not care about any of this but if you’re going to hire me to build your website you should feel comforted that I care about it. So, many thanks to the following people who gave their time to make me smarter:

  • Alan BergsteinConverting an old site to a fresh WordPress Site
  • Tom CataliniTom’s Top Ten Tips for Blogging on WordPress
  • Mike Susz WordPress Theme Construction
  • Sara CannonTheming & Mobile: Optimizing your WordPress site for Various Devices
  • Boaz SenderExploding Your WordPress Theme with CSS3
  • Chris Penn How to Market Your Blog
  • Joselin ManeHow Blogs Are the Core to Any Social Media Strategy
  • Doug Yuen Improving Your WordPress Productivity
  • Jake GoldmanGetting Started with WordPress as a CMS

Content RulesAnd a special thanks to C. C. Chapman (who has to be the world’s friendliest human being) for not making me feel like a complete dork for asking him to sign his book, Content Rules.

By the way, Boston University deserves a thank you too for allowing the WordPress community to take over the George Sherman Union building at 775 Commonwealth Avenue in Boston.

City of Champions

City of ChampionsSidenote: On one of the breaks between sessions I stepped outside, and with the sound of delirious Red Sox fans coming from Fenway Park three blocks away, snapped this picture of a poster hanging in the window of the Sherman Union building. Pardon me for gloating.

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