TCom Networks

Website Redesign and Search Engine Optimization

The Challenge

Chris Scourletis, the company’s founder and President started TCom Networks with one client, zero money, and people telling him he had zero chance of making it. That was sixteen years ago. Today, TCom Networks is one of Boston’s premier IT Support & Consulting firms. The challenge was to make sure site visitors had easy access to the wide range of skills and services that made Chris successful in spite of all his critics.

TCom Networks old homepage
Time to Start Over

TCom initially contacted us because they wanted their website to perform better in search results. After reviewing their site it was clear they hadn’t touched it in years. It was no surprise that they were ranking poorly. The design was old and clunky, the content was outdated and didn’t reflect the many new service offerings the company had added to its tool kit. A thorough audit revealed numerous problems – not only in terms of content but also with the website itself. We suggested, and Chris agreed that the first order of business was scrapping the existing site and starting over.

TCom Networks new homepage
Out With the Old. In With the New.

After several meetings we came up with a game plan and went to work. We created new content that included separate pages for each of TCom’s services and separate pages for each of the many industries they served. We added a Partner Portal that featured easy access for companies wanting to partner with TCom as well as a partner login area for those already enrolled as partners. To bolster TCom’s credibility we built a scrolling logo ticker on the homepage to display the logos of the many high profile and highly trusted companies that TCom has partnered with. And we wrapped it all in a new, modern, professional design that is both visually compelling and easy to use.

Improved Mobile Experience

Mobile devices have surpassed desktop computers as the method of choice for internet browsing. That’s why we placed so much emphasis on ensuring that Tcom’s website rendered well on phones and tablets. And the numbers confirm what we believed. During the sixty day period from August 18, 2018 through October 24, 2018, mobile usage increased by 16% over the previous sixty day period while desktop usage decreased by 4% over the same period.

Mobile optmization screenshot

Local SEO Campaign

We started our local SEO campaign by looking at TCom’s citation profile. Citations are mentions of your website on the internet. These mentions are typically online directories that list a company’s contact information, its core business offering and several other important data points. The illustrations below show that when we started the work TCom’s profile was only 36%. That means that many listings contained incomplete or inconsistent information. As we continued the work we were able to get that number up to 65%. We continue to monitor this with the goal of reaching 85%.

Moz citation screen shots

Why is This Important?

If information is inaccurate or inconsistent across various listings, Google will be unable to determine which listing is the most accurate and your ranking will suffer. By claiming each listing, we were able to correct the inaccuracies one by one and bring the score up.

The Results

TCom wanted to be sure that users could find the new services pages when doing a Google search. The illustration below shows page one placement after we optimized those pages for two of TCom’s preferred keyword phrases:
IT support services healthcare industry and supplemental IT support greater boston


Page one SERP results

The Data

The data below compares the results of the last sixty days to the previous sixty days and shows steady improvement in three key areas: New Users, Sessions, Page Views.



Increase in New Users


Increase in Sessions


Increase in Page Views

And Here’s What Matters Most

Chris couldn’t be happier with the result

“Hey Marvin, it’s Chris Scourletis. I got some great news. We landed our first client from the web today and I just wanted to thank you – very, very appreciative of that. When she called the first question I asked is where she found us. She said she did a Google search in the Woburn area and we came up and I can tell you that if it wasn’t for you that would never have happened. So, I really appreciate it. I just wanted to give you some good news.”