About Kaneworks

Kaneworks is a content development, website design and SEO company located in Salem, Massachusetts. The websites we design for our clients don’t wait to be discovered — they introduce themselves.

Optimizing your website provides the highest ROI of any marketing effort you can choose. It’s not simple though…  You need frequent fresh content, social media activity, ongoing link-building, analytics and forward-thinking strategy. Kaneworks can provide these services for you cost effectively.

We use our expertise in analytics and digital marketing to help our clients establish thought leadership in their fields. Through analytics, SEO strategy and digital advertising, your business can harness the power of the web to reach and engage the people who want and need your goods and services.

Our Process: Listen > Think > Design > Develop > Deploy

You can count on us for:

  • Deep attention and research about your business and industry
  • Search engine optimized content – keyword and keyphrase rich
  • Impeccable design & quality code – optimized for search, usability and conversion
  • Analytics – installed and collecting data
  • Ongoing support

Since our early days as a small web design shop at the turn of the century, we have expanded into a full-service digital agency. Our growth and continued success is due to our long-lasting client relationships, our talented and capable team and our dedication to delivering results.

Our Founder: Marvin Kane

The origin of Kaneworks, our founder Marvin Kane, has a mixed pedigree.

The Rock Years
From the late sixties through the mid seventies, Marvin was the lead guitarist with Sweet Smoke, a Brooklyn born rock n’ roll band that lived, worked and recorded in Europe.  After three successful albums, the band dissolved and Marvin came to Boston to study at Berklee College of Music. He continued to play in bands throughout New England for the next two decades when he heard another call.

The Comedy Years
Marvin has always had a keen sense of humor and a natural ability to make people laugh, so at some point in the eighties – he doesn’t remember exactly when – someone said, “you should be a comedian”.  He said “Ok”. During the next few years he came up through the ranks of Boston’s comedy clubs and earned a spot as one of five finalists in 1989’s prestigious WBCN Comedy Riot.

The Digital Years
When being funny for a living lost its punchline, Marvin went to work for National Cable Communications in 1994, a Boston based advertising firm. It was there that he discovered the very new field of web design. With its unique blend of technical and creative requirements, Marvin saw a strong similarity to music. He jumped in with both feet (and all digits) and never looked back.

In 1997, Marvin was hired by Cyrk Inc., a promotional services and marketing firm headquartered in Seattle, to become its Web Production Manager. There he helped develop eCommerce sites for many of America’s best known companies. A partial client list includes:

  • Charles Schwab
  • Peterbilt Motors
  • Hyster Machinery
  • Caterpillar Retail
  • Caterpillar Dealer
  • Accenture
  • Fidelity
  • Masterfoods

At Cyrk, Marvin also learned the importance of brand equity and how a well designed website can extend and enhance a company’s identity and ultimately its bottom line.

He learned something else too… Only the big companies with huge marketing budgets were getting attention. What about the small and mid-sized companies? What about companies just like yours? This gaping hole, and Marvin’s entrepreneurial spirit became the impetus for the formation of Kaneworks.

Since launching Kaneworks in 2000, Marvin has worked with dozens of businesses to establish and enhance their identity on the web. He combines his creative talent with his technical expertise to produce unique sites that stand out. There are no cookie cutters here, just good, original designs and SEO that help companies get customers.

And oh …  he’s fun to work with too.