I was discussing local SEO strategy with a client  of mine and the topic of Google constantly changing its algorithms came up. Before I continue let me give you a good working definition:

An algorithm is a complex mathematical formula Google uses to determine what results best match the user’s search query.

It’s complicated. Like the coca cola recipe, nobody outside of Google’s secret lab knows what’s in it. That’s why my client’s question made sense:

Will I have to change my website every time Google changes its algorithm?

Frankly I was surprised that I’d never heard that question before. Here’s the answer: Barring some earth-shattering change in Google’s direction the answer is NO.

Remember Google’s  Mission

To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Here’s my advice: Rather than worrying about changing your website every time Google updates its algorithm, think of your website as an organic, evolving marketing tool – it should always be changing. I don’t mean that every couple of months you need to trash your website and start over. What I’m saying is that your website should constantly be tweaked and improved. If you want to enjoy consistently high rankings you need to understand that the days of building a website and never touching it again are over.

Here are some tips

Produce quality content that gives users what they are looking for and then some – and give them enough of it to establish your expertise, authority and trustworthiness

Don’t take shortcuts by buying links or buying reviews. Google knows when you are doing this, and you will only hurt yourself.

Do the hard work of earning quality links and great reviews. If you want great reviews, do great work.

Make sure your contact information is accurate and consistent across the web – that means Name, address and phone number.

The Takeaway

Make sure you give your clients/customers/patients high quality content. Work toward earning valuable back links, work at getting good reviews – pay attention to your website. If you do these things you will never have to worry about what goes on behind closed doors at Google’s secret lab. Make sense?

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